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Abortion is a choice

v4wanndiiv4wanndii Posts: 122 Regular
edited April 2017 in Sexual Health
I  read an article about abortion in Australia yesterday and just realized that abortion is NSW is illegal (except for some cases). It is not a choice. So what would women do if they do not want to continue the unwanted pregnancy? Do they have to travel to other states where abortion is legal for the service?


  • RoseHillRoseHill Posts: 71 Mod Squad
    I've been reading up on it too @v4wanndii and I understood that it is 'legal' in NSW but only in the case of the woman being at serious mental or physical harm (as deemed by a doctor) if she were to continue with the pregnancy. So it must be assessed and signed off by a doctor before a woman can access an abortion... she cannot simply decide to have one - no questions asked. @Nurse_Nettie is this true? I have a friend who had to go through this process and she confirmed that she had to be mentally assessed and deemed to be at 'serious risk for mental harm' by the doctor beforehand.
  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    Hi @Rosehill yes you're absolutely correct. Mental harm may also include economic or social harm during or after birth too. It's a big commitment to have a baby & worth planning ahead for. Family Planning NSW have produced a fact sheet on their website.
    Click here for more info. The site also has some great fact sheets on contraceptive choices too.
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