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Urban Sex Myths...

HappyHooHahHappyHooHah Posts: 56 Regular
edited 22-03-2018 in Sex & Relationships
Here's a bit of fun... comment with a myth and let's see who can guess whether it is true or not!
I'll start..

Men Have Their Sexual Peak in Their Late Teens, Women In Their Late Twenties 



  • EarthMamaEarthMama Posts: 149 Mod Squad
    Ooh this is fun! I've heard that to be a fact 
  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad
    I'm with @EarthMama! I've heard it to be true too, but then misinformation can be easily spread too so...i'm not 100% sure! But I'll go FACT!

    Men can't have multiple orgasms! 
  • MintMilanoMintMilano Posts: 181 Mod Squad
    @HappyHooHah I think that's a myth... I've heard that the sexual peak of women is even later than that, somewhere in their thirties (although personally I am skeptical of the notion of a "sexual peak" at all - everyone person is different) 

    @tea on a technicality I would say that's also a myth - men can have more than one orgasm, they just have to wait a little longer to get it going again. but they also have different kinds of orgasms. There's the standard penile ejaculation orgasm but there's prostatic orgasms well, which they can have while their prostate is being stimulated. it's a different sensation but the feeling is definitely orgasmic, and you don't have to wait between orgasms like the other kind, so that can have multiple orgasms. or at least thats what I've come to believe 

    okay, myth or fact...
    Coffee can make a man have a weaker erection. 
  • HappyHooHahHappyHooHah Posts: 56 Regular
    @MintMilano Interesting! I would say Myth for the coffee one....
    @tea myth as well... I agree with @MintMilano - They just need a little more time.. depending on the guy..not always much time at all ;)

    As for mine... Men Have Their Sexual Peak in Their Late Teens, Women In Their Late Twenties - MYTH!!!

    Check out this article about sexual peak times.. https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/05/26/men-and-women-don-t-have-different-sexual-peaks_a_21383979/


    It is possible to go blind from intense pleasure.

  • MintMilanoMintMilano Posts: 181 Mod Squad
    @HappyHooHah haha yeah the coffee one is a myth... I've actually heard the opposite, that lots of coffee can help men maintain and have a stronger erection  :D I'll have to find the source of that though. 
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