Are music festivals safe for women?

stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 82 Community Manager
edited 03-01-2018 in Sex & Relationships
Just read this article about the 3 sexual assaults that happened in the mosh pit at the Falls Festival in Tasmania and why the writer believes that festivals aren't a safe space for women . 

I was at a festival recently and a women was holding up a doof-stick that said 'costume is not an invitation'.  A US singer stopped a concert recently to call out sexual assault that happened in the crowd.  Personally I have never felt unsafe at a festival, though I am aware of friends who have been assaulted in mosh pits in the past.  

Are festivals doing enough to make them safe for women? Do you agree with the writer that the chance of assault is higher at a music festival because societal norms get left at the festival entry? 


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