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Are music festivals safe for women?

stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 117 Community Manager
edited 03-01-2018 in Sex & Relationships
Just read this article about the 3 sexual assaults that happened in the mosh pit at the Falls Festival in Tasmania and why the writer believes that festivals aren't a safe space for women . 

I was at a festival recently and a women was holding up a doof-stick that said 'costume is not an invitation'.  A US singer stopped a concert recently to call out sexual assault that happened in the crowd.  Personally I have never felt unsafe at a festival, though I am aware of friends who have been assaulted in mosh pits in the past.  

Are festivals doing enough to make them safe for women? Do you agree with the writer that the chance of assault is higher at a music festival because societal norms get left at the festival entry? 


  • stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 117 Community Manager
    The ABC had a follow up with this article 
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    @stephaniaaaah That doof stick sounds fantastic!
    My sister goes to a lot of festivals and she said that she's noticed that women, with the support of their friends, are confronting their perpetrators more now. So I love that that culture of silence and just putting up with harassment is slowly dissipating. But they shouldn't have to put themselves in that potentially dangerous position, people just shouldn't assault and harass others.  

    I haven't been to many festivals so it's hard for me to comment, but I see articles like these every festival season so it's clear there isn't enough work being done by the event organisers to educate men prior to the festival, provide safe spaces for women or have extra security 
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    Camp Cope are a fantastic Australian band who often call out sexism at music festivals and are currently campaigning for bands to wear anti sexual harassment t-shirts at festivals this summer, so they're worth following if you're passionate about this issue! 
  • stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 117 Community Manager
    @peachy yeah agree FINALLY people are calling out the perpetrators and I love Camp Cope, have been following their campaign and they have got some really awesome muso's on board. 

    Totally, no one should be assaulted and harassed - it seems that the mosh pit is the place where sexual assault is most common - My idea would be to make announcements between sets to remind men that sexual assault is not tolerated and they will be charged (i think it needs to be in their faces to get the message through) - you are right though, the education isn't happening and the music industry really needs to take responsibility to making their festivals safe a priority. 
  • HappyHooHahHappyHooHah Posts: 56 Regular
    I've always been too timid to go and I love music, especially live bands..
    I don't believe my fear has anything to do with being a female though, more so that I'm short and get lost and squished in large crowds which I very much dislike!!! 

    Talking about being felt up in crowds... I can often feel like that even just in a club on the dancefloor.. it seems people think they have the right to touch you if you're smiling and having a good time. I'm never rude and always assume they "bumped" me first  but if they go for a second grab then I'll either move, give them a stern look, grab a friend and ignore them or say something. 
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    @HappyHooHah omg yes being grabbed in a club is horrible. It sucks that you're having an amazing time dancing and then your mood/mindset just switches immediately to uncertainty and feeling unsafe. Can really wreck your night.

    I had this great experience in a nightclub recently where another group of girls could sense my friend and I were feeling unsafe near these guys who were getting a bit too close. So they huddled around us and danced us away/switched us around - I really felt the sisterhood in full force!! 
  • HappyHooHahHappyHooHah Posts: 56 Regular
    @peachy That's always the best part, sisters unite!!! I love when females who you might not even know, give you the eye and help you move away from guys who may be too close... go women! haha
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