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New Years Resolution

RoseHillRoseHill Posts: 71 Mod Squad
Happy NYE everyone! Has anyone else decided on a new years resolution for 2018? 
Perhaps even a sex related resolution??? If you have - share it below!

I've got two:
Sexual - Only sleep and have sex in bed! 
Since my partner and I moved in together, we pretty much only hang out in bed as our lounge isn't very comfy. We eat snacks in bed, watch movies and tv in bed - and I think doing everything in bed has hurt our sex life. When I'm in bed now I don't think about sex as often because now my bed is associated with so many different things in my mind - most of which being lazy/non-intimate things  :D So I'm going to make an effort to spend more time doing other things in the lounge room and leave the bed for what its meant for ;)

Lifestyle - Learn French 
I used to speak french when I lived in Canada, but have lost it over the years. I recently downloaded this killer app called Duolingo and I'm really keen to learn again! It's free and it has all of these easy activities that get you to write, speak, listen and pair words etc. - It even tells you what % fluent you are after every stage you pass! 

What are your resolutions?


  • stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 117 Community Manager
    Happy New Years to you all!

    Oh my, I stopped making New Years Resolutions a while ago because I HATED when I failed at them! This year I am going to make an effort to write more and to try not to leave my uni assignments to the last minute (let's be honest, it's the only way I know how to get them done  :D )

    I like the idea of a Sex-related NYR @RoseHill and yours is a good one! I've noticed I sleep better since I only use my bed for sleeping and sex.  Would be a good to know if you notice a difference in both areas! Though got to love some snacks in bed, and breakfast in bed after sex always feels decadent!  

    I think my Sex-Related NYR is to have a completely new sexual experience, like going to a ropes class or something like that! Any suggestions? 
  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    Great idea @RoseHill ;
    I think lifestyle I’d like to have more me time this year and relaxation time and not always be so stressed. 
    As for a sexual one, confidence, my self confidence is definitely holding me back on aspects of my sexual relationship with my partner and I’d love to improve that 
  • MintMilanoMintMilano Posts: 181 Mod Squad
    My NY resolution is to cook more! I'm not terrible at it, but I live alone so cooking for one can be a bit of a chore. But I've told my partner I want to make him my recipe guinea pig and try to make us something new or different at least once a fortnight, just to expand my skills and confidence in the kitchen. 
  • Aunt_FloAunt_Flo Posts: 491 Mod Squad
    That sounds really achievable @MintMilano ; :)
  • stephaniaaaahstephaniaaaah Posts: 117 Community Manager
    @peachy I volunteer to taste all of this deliciousness! 
  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    edited 21-01-2018
    I'm so with you on that @peachy, I find it so hard sometimes to get out of my head and just enjoy sex, definitely find it holds me back from fully enjoying myself. Maybe a good idea for a new thread topic...
  • HoneyPotHoneyPot Posts: 123 Mod Squad
    Loving this thread! I just bought a new bed and am definitely keen to stop doing non-bed things in it too.

    Set aside time for sex. My partner and I are complacent sometimes with sex, we'll not have it for a while then when we do we're so keen to orgasm it's over pretty quick for both of us. I'd like to be a bit more proactive about what we're going to do to keep it interesting and regular!
    Be more organised! I'm going back to uni this year and really want to plan better. Thanks to you fine folk, I've got myself a bullet journal and am loving how it's so simple and personalised. I'm also organising a bit of a de-clutter to allow for more freedom in my life and planning.

  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    What are you going to study @HoneyPot?
  • veryelleveryelle Posts: 15 Mod Squad
    Happy new year everyone!! 

    I’m loving this thread - very inspiring :smile:

    My sexual NYR is pretty much the same as yours @HoneyPot! Intimacy is such a big part of a relationship and I need to make sure I give it the same importance and priority in my day-to-day life. I find it so easy to put off sex at the end of a long day, but I’m determined to be a bit more spontaneous and adventurous! 

    In terms of lifestyle, I’m keen to focus on getting fitter and stronger - as they say, healthy mind, healthy body... amiright? Healthy body also includes sleeping better (longer and more consistent hours) and eating a balanced and healthy diet. Of course, it’s always easier said than done! 
  • HoneyPotHoneyPot Posts: 123 Mod Squad
    @mak_trouble891 I'm doing masters of social work :)
    That sounds great @veryelle ! it can be hard to prioritize sex sometimes, but I always find that I'm never like .."Oh wow, I really wish I hadn't had that orgasm." It's always worth it!
  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    Oh wow! that's awesome @HoneyPot, I'm in the process of completing a bachelor of social work, but have taken 6 months off to save to complete work placement. How are you finding your masters course so far?
  • HoneyPotHoneyPot Posts: 123 Mod Squad
    Thats really cool @mak_trouble891 ! I haven't started yet, starting very soon though! Let me know if you have any tips :D 
  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    My biggest tip @HoneyPot is try not to leave assignments to the last minute. I’m so bad for that. 
    Have you started yet? 
  • HoneyPotHoneyPot Posts: 123 Mod Squad
    That sounds like great advice! Im actually sitting outside my first class waiting for it to start! Planning is definitely something I struggle to do and stick to, so I'm going to have to make that a real priority this year.
  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad
    **edit wow I had this sitting in my drafts since this thread was opened and uh, I'm actually pretty happy because I've done a lot of my resolutions already!!**


    I have a whole ton of 2018 'goals' more than resolutions?? I've already achieved a few too! I've taken up pole dancing classes (thanks play safe fam for the recommendations), performing poetry in public, being more mindful and getting a tattoo i've wanted for three years.

    I'm going to run with the thread's theme;

    Be more careful with my sexual explorations? I've been having a lot of sex.

    Eat. I have trouble eating so I'd just like to be pretty basic with that one.

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