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Little lumps on penis

DeftRatDeftRat Posts: 84 Mod Squad
edited October 2017 in Nurse Nettie
Hi Nurse Nettie,

Not long ago I hooked up with a guy who had these little lumps around the bottom of the head of his penis. I asked what they were and all he said was that they're not contagious. There were lots of little lumps around the head of his penis some of them with white heads on them. From this description do you know what they could possibly be?


  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad
    edited October 2017
    Hey @DeftRat I've read a few articles on similar symptoms like this before and perhaps @Nurse_Nettie and a GP can confirm this for the person you've been seeing, but it sounds a lot like it could just be pearly penile papules? They aren't contagious but do get mistaken for an STI because of how they look. It sounds like they're treatable too which may be something to bring up with this person? Though I'm guessing they know that already if they know what they have isn't contagious at all. 
  • DeftRatDeftRat Posts: 84 Mod Squad
    Thanks for this @tea. That is what they looked like, only bigger. This could be what they are. Interesting that I've never come across anyone with them before
  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    @DeftRat I agree, sounds like pearly penile papules. These are often mistaken for warts, but are totally normal & super common. The pic @tea linked to shows pretty delicate ones, but they can be much more prominent. They're not contagious & definitely don't need any treatment. In fact, it's not "treatment" to remove a normal anatomical variant! It's cosmetic surgery & I wouldn't recommend it.
  • DeftRatDeftRat Posts: 84 Mod Squad
    Thanks @Nurse_Nettie! Glad to know that they are completely normal and not something to be worried about. He didn't seemed too concerned and I probably should have asked more questions of him at the time. Thanks to you again too @tea
  • MintMilanoMintMilano Posts: 181 Mod Squad
    @DeftRat I remember discovering my own very mild PPP's and freaking out a little bit haha but yeah thanks for asking this, the more people are aware of them, the less awkward conversations we have to have insisting people that it's not a contagious STI. 
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