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HHHHHH Posts: 22 Mod Squad
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How often should you go get tested for STIs? 


  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    Hi @HHH! This is a great question! Did you know that these days we call them 'infections' instead of 'diseases' because they are most likely curable? Isn't that good news!
  • RoseHillRoseHill Posts: 71 Mod Squad
    Hi @HHH! Getting tested regularly for STIs is a good idea, especially if you've been having sex without a condom or with different partners. There is a quiz you can take on the Play Safe NSW Health website to check your level of risk and see if you should get tested! https://playsafe.health.nsw.gov.au/could-i-have-sti

  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    I like your style @HHH !
  • walk_on_wallswalk_on_walls Posts: 191 Mod Squad
    What if it's itchy down there? Asking for a friend :)
  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    Hi @walk_on_walls. Great to hear friends helping each other out! Ok if there's an itch down there it could be a skin condition, like excessive dryness, dermatitis or thrush (candida). Some STIs can cause an itch like public lice, herpes, genital warts or molluscum contagiosum.  The best advice is to not wash with soap (some soaps are too perfumed or harsh for this delicate skin) for a while & wear loose clothing. The next step is to encourage the person get an STI check. All of these STIs can be treated.
  • walk_on_wallswalk_on_walls Posts: 191 Mod Squad
    Molluscum contagiosum doesn't sound like a lot of fun, does it? Seriously though, thanks for the info @Nurse_Nettie. I'll pass it onto my friend :wink:
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