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Clear Discharge but no pain

eyedonthave1eyedonthave1 Posts: 2 Newbie
edited April 2017 in Sexual Health
hey guys! i masterbated often with a glove and lotion. i did it everyday. now i'm discharging and don't know why. it doesn't hurt when i urinate. it's just discharging a clear substance. can you guys help me out and tell what this mean. i haven't had sex. i just do it solo


  • CloakOfAshCloakOfAsh Posts: 319 Rock Star
    Hi @eyedonthave1 and welcome to Play Safe!

    @Nurse_Nettie might be able to give you some help on this. 
  • eyedonthave1eyedonthave1 Posts: 2 Newbie
    I would gladly appreciate it @Nurse_Nettie
  • Nurse_NettieNurse_Nettie Posts: 319 Mod Squad
    Hello @eyedonthave1 and welcome to Playsafe. Great question. Discharge that you are describing is usually a pretty normal thing if you haven't had sex with someone else and aren't at risk of an infection. Check out our entries for girls and guys  on the Playsafe website.
  • KitKit Posts: 403 Rock Star
    Hi @eyedonthave1, welcome to Play Safe!

    Firstly, I just wanted to say well done for seeking out advice and support. It takes a lot to speak up about one's private sexual health concerns, and it can often be really hard sharing with those around us, so good on you for joining us here. There's no judgement and nothing but sex positivity on Play Safe :)

    If you hadn't experienced discharge before it's easy to see how this would have felt concerning! If you're also worried about what effect lotion might have or even some more tips about other lubricants, join us on this thread.

    I hope to see you around the forums. If you like games, check out our sex alphabet or join in on 20 questions. B)
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