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What you need in a partner? Quizz

v4wanndiiv4wanndii Posts: 122 Regular
edited August 2016 in Hanging Out
Find out what do you need in your partner from Buzzfeed quizz.

Definitely I don't trust the quizz, but the result definitely makes me feel good :)

My result:

You got: Space

Your ideal relationship is based on mutual respect, support, and understanding. Your partner needs to have the ability to appreciate your need to be your own person. There are a lot of things you like to do by yourself, a lot of things that make you shine as an individual. Your partner should be able to fully love and support you even when you aren’t spending every moment together.


  • CuriosityCuriosity Posts: 197 Mod Squad
    I got affection 
  • mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
    I got comfort
  • Aunt_FloAunt_Flo Posts: 491 Mod Squad
    I got support.
  • NickiPowerNickiPower Posts: 423 Rock Star
    That was interesting.. I got fun
  • MsBlueStreakMsBlueStreak Posts: 475 Rock Star

    A Best Friend: You’ve always craved someone who shares and appreciates your interests and your offbeat sense of humor. You need a partner in crime, someone you can collaborate with and someone you can sit and talk with until the sun comes up. The romance is fun, but having someone you can enjoy sitting around and doing nothing with has always been most important to you. 

    That's really accurate.

  • walk_on_wallswalk_on_walls Posts: 191 Mod Squad
    Honesty. That was fun :)
  • MsBlueStreakMsBlueStreak Posts: 475 Rock Star
    Okay - so this thread is now a year old... but as we have new members, who wants to do this quiz and tell us their answers?
  • MintMilanoMintMilano Posts: 181 Mod Squad
    I also got A Best Friend. 
    the description definitely sounds like the kind of relationships I enjoy so I'll take it. 
  • HoneyPotHoneyPot Posts: 123 Mod Squad
    I got support - VERY TRUE. (Does anyone else get really lost in buzzfeed quizzes? Where you do one and then three hours has passed and you've done so many and learned so much about yourself from which Scooby Doo character you are to where you should travel next? THANKS BUZZFEED)
  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad

    You got: Affection

    "You've always believed that actions speak louder than words. You like to be shown and not told how your partner feels about you. While you like to be touched, held, and comforted — you also like displays of affection that aren't just about physical touch. It warms your heart when your partner does little things like help you run your errands or bring you a treat on a tough day."

    ME!!! I love those small things, idk doing the laundry and things like that is such a big thing to me :lol:
    @HoneyPot Yeah I try not to do them at all because of that haha (I say, as I have 6 other tabs open with quizzes waiting to be done)..
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    You got: Support

    You need a companion who will fill you with confidence and be there for you on the bad days. When you're facing a big challenge or going through a difficult time, you can rely on them to be on call. They know the right thing to say and when to give you attention or space. Above all, they believe you can do anything, even when you feel like you can't.

    So true!! How freaky!

  • CloakOfAshCloakOfAsh Posts: 319 Rock Star
    Comfort. Pretty fair but I think it's all a bit bias. Fun nonetheless.
  • EarthMamaEarthMama Posts: 149 Mod Squad
    Hmmmm I got: A Best Friend

    You've always craved someone who shares and appreciates your interests and your offbeat sense of humour. You need a partner in crime, someone you can collaborate with and someone you can sit and talk with until the sun comes up. The romance is fun, but having someone you can enjoy sitting around and doing nothing with has always been most important to you.

    I do enjoy this description, but what are y'all thoughts on your partner also being your best friend? I think it is super important to have multiple intimate, wonderful relationships in life and not restrict our best parts to just the one person. 

  • CookieMonsterCookieMonster Posts: 104 Mod Squad
    You got: Honesty

    Your ideal partner will of course be someone who you won't have to worry about deceiving you or lying to you. But you also need someone who isn't afraid to tell you what they think on a regular basis, who will be delicate about telling you when they think you could be making the wrong call. Whether it's critiquing your work or telling you which outfit looks best on you, you want someone who won't sugarcoat things and will just tell you how it is.

    Yep I would agree

  • ElleBelleElleBelle Posts: 410 Community Manager
    I got a Best Friend, but reading through the descriptions of what everyone else got, they all sound pretty desirable for a relationship ;)
  • DeftRatDeftRat Posts: 84 Mod Squad
    That was a totally bizarre quiz lol. But I got Comfort. Def what I love being able to do
  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad
    @EarthMama Yeah I totally agree with that. I think it's cool if your partner is your best friend, but you can have multiple best friends. Have you heard about platonic relationships? The concept is similar to a best friend, but people involved are also considered partners (though with the absence of intimacy). Here's a link to a small description on qpr's too, though I'm not sure how accurate the term 'zucchini' is :lol:
  • EarthMamaEarthMama Posts: 149 Mod Squad
    Lol on the Zucchini label @tea !! I have totally had these relationships. Many times actually. Unfortunately I think I have trouble finding the boundaries though, and many of these relationships have become more physical. What is your experience?
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    @tea so interesting, I've heard a bit about asexuality but not qpr's. Hope this doesn't come across as insensitive but what differentiates the two?
  • teatea Posts: 267 Mod Squad
    @EarthMama I have trouble with it too actually, for the same reason. It can be hard to find that kind of relationship dynamic with someone I think because if you spend a lot of time with one person (like maybe in a qpr) it can turn into more than that for one person or more. Similar to how friendships evolve I guess. 

    @peachy I think asexuality differs from qpr's because a qpr is more neutral and generally not a sexualised relationship, whereas asexuality can exist on a spectrum. You can read more about asexuality here but yeah I think a common misconception about asexuality is that a person who identifies as asexual doesn't feel ANY sexual attraction at all, which isn't necessarily the case. For example, I identify as grey-asexual which can mean different things depending on the person (like any label), but basically I don't feel sexual attraction a lot, but I still feel it when I have a strong connection with someone.

    TLDR; qpr = super best friend you can call a partner / asexuality = exists on a spectrum 
  • peachypeachy Posts: 183 Mod Squad
    @tea thanks so much for explaining it for me! 
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