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Online dating - things you wish you knew, tips and tricks

mak_trouble891mak_trouble891 Posts: 563 Mod Squad
edited April 2017 in Sex & Relationships
In a technology driven age, online dating has become the norm. There are so many different dating sites and apps around, but it can be hard to you know which one is right for you?
With online dating there seems to be different dating rules...
It can be hard at times to determine the motives of the people you are talking too, including expectations, personalities and age.
What has online dating been like for you? Is there anything you wish you knew before you started?


  • ElleBelleElleBelle Posts: 410 Community Manager
    Sooo many things! When I first started online dating, I received a lot of attention very quickly - something I was not used to in real life. It felt so flattering I even responded to guys who sent sexually explicit messages straight off the bat. I've since realised that a lot of people treat dating apps like throwing spaghetti at a wall, sending messages to everyone they can find and seeing what sticks. I'm more discerning now and not afraid to tell people what I want. Usually they respect it. The ones who don't get blocked immediately. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  • CuriosityCuriosity Posts: 197 Mod Squad
    @ElleBelle great analogy of the spaghetti!
  • walk_on_wallswalk_on_walls Posts: 191 Mod Squad
    In my experience, there's a balance between underwriting and overwriting your profile. Too little and people aren't sure if you're worth messaging and too much is scary/TMI. Unless you have awesome pics, in which case you can let them do all the talking :)
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