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STI testing

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What does STI testing involve? It sounds like its really invasive. How often should I be tested?


  • MsBlueStreakMsBlueStreak Posts: 475 Rock Star
    @Caiti -

    Before @Nurse_Nettie joins the conversation, you should start here: https://playsafe.health.nsw.gov.au/testing/what-are-the-tests-like  You'll also find a link to find out where to get tested.

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    @Caiti Great questions! If you don't have any symptoms, a full sexual health screen only requires a urine sample, a blood test and in some cases, a throat swab and an anal or vaginal swab that can be self-collected. You don't even need to get undressed! Thanks to @MsBlueStreak for the link to everything you need to know about STI tests!

    How often should you get tested?? Depends!

    You should test as soon as possible if:

    • you have unexplained genital or anal symptoms
    • a sexual partner has been diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhoea, urethritis, syphilis, hepatitis B, or HIV (even if you don't have symptoms yourself). 
    • you've had condomless sex with someone at high risk of HIV (e.g. traveling in a high prevalence country).

    You should test once a year if:

    • you're only heterosexually active and have multiple partners.
    • you're a gay or homosexually active man with one partner. 

    You should test 3-6 monthly if:

    • you're a gay or homosexually active man with multiple partners & any condomless sexual contacts.
    Of course these are broad guidelines, to find out what's right for you, best to talk to your doctor or sexual health service!
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